Contiguous score adding for a class

Another feature of SchoolServer through which you can input records for students is by selecting a class and adding scores for the student(s) in that class at a go. Follow these steps:
1. Go to "Records" on the top bar.

2. Select "Class" and "Subject" you want to add score(s) for from the second box.

3. Selecting of "Individual Teachers Comments" is optional.

4. Click on Proceed.

The Student's Record's Handler screen will pop up with the student's record's and spaces to fill the scores.

After filling the score(s), click on the "Save" button to save the record(s), "Print" button to print them out or the "close" button to discard the newly inputed record(s)..

5. It is not a "must" to fill all the scores at once. For example, you can fill an assessment record, say CA1, and leave the remaining boxes blank without inputting anything.

6. SchoolServer normally uses a dash ( - ) to represent "missing scores"