Installing School Server

Before installing School Server make sure your computer's time and date is correct, at least to the nearest hour. SchoolServer can be installed by following the procedures below;

1.       Double click on the SchoolServer.exe installation file from the folder

2.       Click yes and proceed from the dialogue box

3.       In the next dialogue box enter all the field correctly (note fields with * are compulsory)

4.       A confirmation screen appears asking you to review your data you've entered before proceeding.

5.       In this dialogue box make sure you entered the information correctly

6.       Enter the session you are correctly. For example, if you are in 2013/2014 session, enter 2013 for start and 2014 for end.

7.       Select the term correctly

8.       Enter the week of the term you are in the term.

9.       Enter all the class arms you have in the school e.g. JSS1 A, JSS1 B, JSS1 C, JSS1 D etc. and Science, Art and Commercial for Senior Secondary.

10.   Check the box with the green arrow beside it if you don't want to use our grade configuration system.

11.   Enter school preferred Acronym e.g. If your school is "Senior Girl High School", your acronym can be SGHS.

12.   Make sure your system time and date is correct at least to the nearest hour. If you are ok with the time, click "OK".

13.   Review all the data you have entered to ensure they have been entered correctly. Click "Continue" when you are through.