Loading New Subjects

The Subject Loading feature of SchoolServer allows you to add new subjects to the school curriculum. To add new subjects, or delete subjects, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administration tab
  2. Click on "Edit Subjects" from the buttons available on the left panel.
  3. For each of the subjects, type each question on a new line, as provided by the examples already in the box.
  4. Also, for the Senior Secondary School subjects, make sure that each classification of Senior Secondary Classes is grouped in the appropriate sections.
  5. If your Senior Secondary Classes does not have classifications (e.g. Science, Arts, Commercial...etc) you can just add Subjects in the box provided, also following the examples given.
  6.  When you are through and satisfied with the subjects, click on "Save Changes".

The subjects you now see displayed are the subjects that you have in your school's subject curriculum.

(Note: If a subject has existing record (student scores) and you delete such subject, its records will also be deleted)