Automatically Adding Comments to Result Sheet


Predefined Comments allows you to save comments into SchoolServer for particular student for a particular subject. These comments will then be made available as required on the report card of such student.
For this, you will need a to prepare a Broad Sheet on SchoolServer. This Broad Sheet will then be used with SchoolServer Client software.
SchoolServer Client is a software that you will also get freely with your SchoolServer. You can contact us if you do not have this SchoolServer Client yet.
The Broad Sheet prepared on SchoolServer will now be loaded into the SchoolServer Client and edited as appropriate.
After editing a Broad Sheet like above, save it and load it back into SchoolServer.
Note: You may circulate a Broad Sheet file to as many personnel working on it with the SchoolServer Client installed. All that is required is to be saving it every time changes are made.