Preparing a Subject File for loading score and retrieving the scores therein

We identified the fact that human and non-human resources are not better managed if a single computer is laden with the responsibility of adding/updating records for the whole school, especially, if we are dealing with a large number of students. To this end, SchoolServer provides a feature that makes data handling extremely flexible by providing the ability to "share" record handling on multiple computers. In this way, scores can be handled individually and independently on different computers and submitted to the computer running SchoolServer. However, the "helping" computers MUST be running an application that can process CSV data.

To load scores from a Subject File, three main processes are involved:



The Subject File must first be prepared. The prepared Subject File is what will be given to class teachers or any other person in the position to enter the records for such class, who will then open it with a CSV editor (Microsoft Excel recommended) and input the scores, and save it back in "CSV format". The saved file will then be given back to the central computer running SchoolServer for loading. Note that any adulteration or alteration to the prepared Subject File order than inputting scores can render the Subject File useless.

To prepare Subject File for a class, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "BACTH PROCESS" tab.

  2. Click
    on "Prepare Subject File".

  3. Select the appropriate options from the window that appears. Note that these same settings will be used to load the Subject File back.

  4. Click on "Prepare". This will bring a dialog for you to save the Subject File. Select where to save it. This saved file is now prepared. Remember where you save it and the name you saved it with (it is recommended to save it with the default name provided).

  5. This dialogue box will pop up to notify you of a successful preparation

All you need to do now is give it to anybody who is to enter scores, who will then open it with a CSV editor (Microsoft Excel recommended) and CHANGE NOTHING other than input the scores appropriately




If an erroneous Subject File is presented to SchoolServer, it will actively reject it. However, there are no stringent step(s) or protocols to follow religiously in inputting scores into the Subject File. Generally, what is required is:

If you have used the "Recommended Saving Pattern" please follow this step. If not locate the prepared subject file in the area you saved it in:

  1. Go to your desktop and open the folder "Subject Files".

  2. select the file you are giving to someone to input the scores for you.This file(s) can be send through any media device(e.g. Hard Disk, Flash Drive, Memory Card e.t.c)

The person you copied the subject file to need to have a CSV editor (Microsoft Excel is recommended) in order to input score(s).
If criteria is meet(csv editor) the person can now access the file(s) in the media device and input scores this way:

  1. Connect the media device in any computer(laptop or desktop e.t.c) that has csv editor (Microsoft Excel is recommended)
  2. Select and open the Subject File(s)
  3. Enter ONLY the scores in the appropriate fields. The Subject File has been prepared accurately and correctly (according to the settings specified during installation). All you need to do is enter only the scores appropriately without changing anything pre-prepared therein. SchoolServer will actively reject an erroneous Subject File.

  4. After you have finished inputting the scores, save it (preferably with its initial name, so that it is easier for you to remember the Subject File). Note: Save the Subject File back in CSV format. (If you are using Microsoft Excel, simply "Save" the file. If you see a warning message about file format or version, simply ignore it and continue saving in the CSV format anyway, the warning is because CSV format is not the "native" format for Microsoft Excel, so it is warning you about possible saving in an undesired format)

This saved Subject File can now be loaded back into SchoolServer




When a Subject File is ready to be loaded back into SchoolServer, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "BACTH PROCESSES" tab.

  2. Click on "Load Subject File".

  3. Select the appropriate options from the window that appears. The option you select here must be the same option that you used to prepare the Subject File you intend to load, i.e. the same Term, Session, Class and Subject.

  4. Click on "Load". This will bring a dialog for you to select the Subject File that you have prepared for scores inputting. Select it and open it.

The Subject File will be loaded if it is not erroneous. However, If errors occur at all, any error(s) in the loaded Subject File will be displayed accordingly.