Printing Report Card


Printing of report cards is one of the eclectic features available in the "Records" tab. As long as all you student's data are available, you can perform several actions on the records, ranging from checking the Overall Best Student in a selected area, to Printing assessment report for a whole class at a go!


  1. Go to "Records"

  2. Select either "Single student" to view and print the result of a particular student or "Whole class" for a particular class/arm of the class(e.g. JSS1 A)

  3. Click "Proceed"

  4. The below dialog box will pop up.....
    Select the information(s) you want to see on the report card by ticking the box(es) in the first and middle frame (e.g.Principal's Name, Comment, signature)
    Then click "Ok"

  5. The dialogue box below will pop up containing the result of your student in the order you have selected .
    After printing or viewing the result of the first student use the ARROWS at the end of the screen to navigate to the next and previous student

NOTE: SchoolServer will only process assessments records for scores entered only. This means that if you do not want a student to be assessed graded for a particular subject, do not input any score for the student in such subject