Report Card Options


From the "Records" tab, SchoolServer provides several options to make printed report cards as flexible and dynamic as can possibly be achieved.

The flexibility provided by SchoolServer makes it possible to print report card records on a blank, plain paper, as well as template papers that your school has designed personally (such as letter head papers, etc.).

The option to print on custom, non-blank paper is made available when you select the "Edit Component Margins" option that is available in the box labelled "More Options" in the "Records" tab.
This will display several default values that you can tweak/change in order to achieve the desired dynamics for the report sheet layout.

For all the options generally, please note that:

Therefore, the interplay of these values will provide remarkable dynamics and flexibility in printing report cards, since you can now control the various components that will even get displayed on the report card, as well as the location where you want them!

Note that the interplay of values might cause some components on the displayed report card data to overlap another, and even make it look like some components are not displayed at all! Simply adjust these values appropriately for best fit.

Please do not forget that if you select the "Preview Mode", you are simply requesting that SchoolServer should process and display the report card data for all the students available (in that class). Therefore the interplay of values from the "Edit Component Margins" options can cause some components on the displayed report card data to overlap another such that the report sheet data of a student might overlap the record of another student. If you encounter this, simply increase the space between the students' records by increasing the value indicated in the "Inter-record Margin:" box.

The "Pre-record Margin" option allows the adjustment of the distance between each student's record and the top of the paper. This option can come in handy if the school already has a desired/official template (as obtainable in a letter-head paper) report card template paper, so that you can remove SchoolServer's default report card header by unchecking the box labelled "Include Report Card Header". This being done, you can now adjust the "Pre-record Margin" to a value that will allow the printed report card to sit comfortably into your template paper.

NOTE: For help about the various report card options in the "Records" tab, some of these options have "Tips" that are displayed when you place your mouse/cursor over such component/option and leave it there for about 2 seconds.